KOZI MX Control board

MX™ 2 Digital Control Board Features:

  • Fully Automatic Self Ignition System.
  • Wall thermostat and remote control capable (Millivolt System ONLY)
  • 3 operational modes: MANUAL, HIGH-LOW, and AUTO
  • MANUAL Mode: Simply press the ON/OFF button to start. Manually control the feed rate and fan speed control.
  • HIGH-LOW Mode: Controlled by the Wall Thermostat / Remote Control, turns the heat level to HIGH when heat is needed, and LOW otherwise.
  • AUTO Mode: Controlled by the Wall Thermostat / Remote Control, automatically turns the stove ON and OFF .
  • Adjustable fuel feed ranges from 1 lb to 4.5 lbs per hour (454 grams to 2 kgs) depending on the fuel quality.
  • Automatic safety shut-off when the unit runs out of fuel
  • Automatic shut down in the event of a system malfunction
  • Circulation Fan Automatically adjust depending on HEAT SELECT setting.
  • FAN button allows you to manually adjust the Circulation Fan speed.
  • A unique, diagnostic light system makes it easy to monitor stove functions at a glance.


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