Model 2000 Wood Stove K2000

KOZI Model 2000 Wood Stove Overview K2000

Enjoy the comfort and reliability of a KOZI Wood Burning Stove.

Designed to generate enormouse amounts of heat using a slow burn, the KOZI Wood Burning Stoves are highly efficient, environmentally-friendly, and economically priced.

As a primary or supplemental heat source, KOZI Wood Burners produce a large amount of heat while requiring little maintenance. Our products have been designed to meet the most stringent and rigid safety specifications in order to last a lifetime.

The KOZI Wood Burning Series is available with either a gold or black door. KOZI Wood Burning Stoves are warranted against poor workmanship and defective materials


Model 100 Pellet Stove & Insert

Model 100 Pellet Stove

Previa Cast Iron Pellet Stove

Previa Cast Iron Pellet Stove

Pellet Accessories

Pellet Stove Accessories