KOZI Parts and Accessories

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of the KOZI Product line. These state of the art heating appliences have been designed for years of trouble-free heating and enjoyment. Having manufactured heating units for the past twenty-five years, APR Industries Ltd knows what reliability is made of!

Product Code Product Description
KOZI Gas Stove Parts
LOGCDVBF Gas, Col, Log, Back, Fiber
LOGCDVFF Gas, Col, Log, Front, Fiber
LOGCDVMF Gas, Col, Log, Middle, Fiber
LOGCTLTF Gas, Col, Log, Top Left Twig, Fiber
LOGCTRTF Gas, Col, Log, Top Right Twig, Fiber
LOGMCTTF Gas, Col, Log, Mid Cross Top Twig, Fiber
MANCDV01 Gas, Col, Manual
CDVI-NA Gas, Col, Insert - All Black
CPCK Gas, Col, Propane Conversion Kit
CTC Gas, Col, Terminal Cap
CS4SS Gas, Col, Surround,Standard,Four Side, 38Wx31H
CL4SS Gas, Col, Surround,Large,Four Side , 44Wx33H
CSBTM Gas, Col, Std Brass Trim
CLBTM Gas, Col, Lrg Brass Trim
CSPFM Gas, Col, Std Picture Frame
CLPFM Gas, Col, Lrg Picture Frame
CSBFP Gas, Col, Slim Brass Faceplate
CFBFP Gas, Col, Full Brass Faceplate
CBSFP Gas, Col, Blk Starburst Faceplate
CBCFP Gas, Col, Blk Chekered Faceplate
CBDFP Gas, Col, Blk Double Door Faceplate
CRBL Gas, Col, Refractory Brick Liner
WIRCDV01 Gas, Col, Wiring Harness 1
WIRCDV02 Gas, Col, Wiring Harness 2
CBAFP Gas, Col, Blk Arch Faceplate
DV1-PK Gas, DV1,Fuel Conversion- Natural Gas to Propane
DV1-NK Gas, DV1,Fuel Conversion- Propane to Natural Gas
KBVA Gas, DV1,Kit for Converting DV1 to B Vent Stove
DCBRSBB Gas, DV1, Decorative Brass Band
DVIVTK Gas, Direct Vent Insert, Terminal Kit
FPK3315 Gas, Flex Pipe Kit, (2) 3" x 15'
FPK3335 Gas, Flex Pipe Kit
RCOO Gas, Remote Control, On/OFF
RCRHS Gas, Remote Control, Rec Heat Sheild
RCTA Gas, Remote Control, Temperature Activated
WMMT Gas, Wall Thermostat, Millivolt
SURSTD-G Gas, Surround, Standard
SURLRG-G Gas, Surround, Large
DOR00DVB Gas, Door, Black, DV1, BV1
TPDV1 Gas, DV1, Thermopile, Burner Assembly
DOR00DVG Gas, DV1, Door, Gold, DV1, BV1
FAN12002 Gas, DV1, Air Blower,Dual, l20V, Dual Speed
GKT00101 Gas, DV1, Gasket, 1/2" Brown,Explosion Lid
GKT00104 Gas, DV1,Gasket, 1/2" Brown, Top Heat Shield
GKT00105 Gas, DV1,Gasket, 1/2" Brown, DV1 Lid
GKT00203 Gas, DV1,Gasket, 1/8" White, DV, Valve Plate
GKT00204 Gas, DV1,Gasket, 1/8" White, DV,BV, Air Intake
GKT00205 Gas, DV1,Gasket, 1/8" White, DV,BV, Heat Exchanger
GKT00207 Gas, DV1,Gasket, 1/8" White, DV,BV,Baywin Glass
IGN00G00 Gas, DV1, Ignitor, Piezo (GAS)
LCH09903 Gas, DV1, Door Magnet
DV1-LOG-2 Gas, DV1,Log Set, Gas Stoves
SWC00202 Gas, DV1, Switch, 3 Pos,  Fan Control
SWC00203 Gas, DV1, Switch, 2 Pos, Burner Control
VLV0LP01 Gas, DV1, Valve, Propane (2.8 - 10.0)
VLV0NG01 Gas, DV1, Valve, Natural Gas  (0.9 - 3.5)
VLV0NG02 Gas, DV1, Orifice,Burner, NG
VLV0PT01 Gas, DV1, Pilot Assembly
TDVPDV1 Gas, DV1, Thermodisk,Valve Plate, 60T22 (120F)
BRASDV1N Gas, DV1, Burner assembly,Natural Gas
BRASDV1P Gas, DV1, Burner Assembly,Propane
ATBRAS1 Gas, DV1, Aluminum Tube,Burner Assembly
TUB09904 Gas, DV1, Tube, 3/8" Al, Gas Valve Plates
WIRBVA01 Gas, Wiring Harness, KBVA Adapter
THRMCOUP Gas, Thermocouple
KOZI Pellet Stove Parts
BUS00101 Pellet, Auger Bushing, Bronze
DOR00BWG Pellet, BW,Door Assembly, Baywin
DOR00XLB Pellet, XL,Door Assembly XL, Black,
DOR00XLG Pellet, XL,Door Assembly XL, Gold
FAN12001 Pellet, Circulation Fan, 120V,
FAN12003 Pellet, Exhaust Fan, 120V
FAN22001 Pellet, Circulation Fan, 220V
FAN22002 Pellet, Circulation Fan, 220V, Dual Blower
FAN22003 Pellet, Exhaust Fan, 220V
GKT00202 Pellet, Circulation Fan Gasket
GKT00208 Pellet, Exhaust Fan Motor Gasket -Round
GKT00209 Pellet, Exhaust Fan Mount Gasket-Five sides
GKT09904 Pellet, Auger Plate Rubber Gasket
GLS0XL00 Pellet, XL,Glass, c/w U Gasket( 7,1/2" X 13,7/16")
HDL00101 Pellet, XL,Coil Handle,1/2", XL Door
HDL00103 Pellet, XL,Coil Handle, 3/8" Coil, XL Ash Tray
HDL09901 Pellet, Hopper Lid Handle, Plastic
HDL09902 Pellet, BW,Ash Tray Pull Handle, BW2
LIT12001 Pellet, Indicator Light, 120V
GKT00210 Pellet, 1/8" White, Exhaust Housing Mount
LIT22001 Pellet, Indicator Light, 220V
MIS00001 Pellet, Auger
MTR12001 Pellet, Auger Motor
MTR22001 Pellet, Auger Motor, 220V
PWR120NA Pellet, Electrical Cord, 120V
SWC00103 Pellet, Feed Control, 82 K (5)
SWC00301 Pellet, Push Button Start (WIRED)
SWC09902 Pellet, Static Pressure Switch
SWC12001 Pellet, Circulation Fan Speed Control, All
SWC22001 Pellet, Circulation Fan speed control 220V
TDK0MR01 Pellet, Manual Reset,Thermodisk 60T15,L200F
TDKLMT01 Pellet, Exhaust Fan Thermodisk, F120-20F, 60T22
TDKLMT02 Pellet, Exhaust Fan disk (ignite),F120-20F,60T23
TDKLMT04 Pellet, Circulation Fan disk F140-20F,60T12
TMR120AC Pellet, Auger Cycle Timer (120V)
TMR120AM Pellet, Fifteen Minute Timer, (120V)
TMR220AC Pellet, Auger Cycle Timer, 220V
TMR220AM Pellet, Fifteen Minute Timer, 220V
TUB09911 Pellet, Exhaust Tube Assembly
GKT9900 Pellet, Auger Chute Gasket Kit
SPGD100 Pellet, Splash Guard
HDL00102 Pellet, Coil 1/4 inch, XL Damper & Cleaning Rod
HTSLL100 Pellet, XL,Left Heat Shield
HTSLR100 Pellet, XL,Right Heat Shield
BPOT1005 Pellet, Burner Pot,with rect.cut out
BPOTSTD-S Pellet, Burner Pot Stand for Older Models, with Single Hole
BPOTSTD-HA Pellet, Burner Pot Stand with Two Holes for Hot Air Igniter
BCKSL100 Pellet, XL,Back Heat Shield
BCKSLBW2 Pellet, BW,Back Heat Shield
TPHSL100 Pellet, XL,Top Heat Shield XL 100
TUBSPS01 Pellet, Static Pressure Switch Tube
DORRP100-G Pellet, XL,Door Rope XL, 1/2" round - Cast Iron Gold Door
DORRP100-B Pellet, XL,Door Rope XL, 3/4" round - Black Metal Door
XLS Pellet, Glass Saver, XL
BWS Pellet, Glass Saver, Baywin
ELE00008 Pellet, 5 Amp Fuse
GKT00304 Pellet, Gasket, XL Ashtray
GKT00306 Pellet, Gasket, XL100 Glass Gasket
HPLDINS Pellet, Hopper Lid,Insert models (3"x16" plate)
SWC00103-0 Pellet, Feed Control, O K (#0)
SIDBR100 Pellet, XL,Side Trim Set,Brass 100XL
CNPNL100 Pellet, Control Panel, Standard,
DORRPBW Pellet, BW,Door Rope, BayWin, 3/4"
GLSSDBW Pellet, BW,Glass,Side,BayWin
GLSCTBW Pellet, BW,Glass,Center,BayWin
GKTGLBW Pellet, BW,Gasket Set for BayWin glass door
HTSSML Pellet, High Temp sealant
EC2-1-220 Pellet, Elec. Cartridge (one Tube) c/w Igniter 220 volt
MFDL 100 Pellet, KSH  Door, Large
GLS0SKSH Glass, Ceramic, Small,  KSH, 3.75 x 4.5, includes U-gasket
TOPLIDBW Pellet, BW,.Top Lid
LC100 Pellet, Loading Chute
AK100 Pellet, Air Intake Kit
CV100 Pellet, Check Valve
HE2 Pellet, Hopper Extension- Current Style, Freestanding Baywin/Model 100 XL
SURSTD-P Pellet, Surround, Standard, 39" x 29" Opening
SURLRG-P Pellet, Surround, Large, 45" x 32" Opening
CAIRK120 Pellet, Contact Igniter - Side Entry Includes Burn Pot Stand
EC2-HA-120 Pellet, Hot Air Igniter - Back Entry
WTK-P Pellet, Wall Thermostat Kit - Millivolt
KOZI Wood Stove Parts
DOR00K25 Wood, Kozi 25, Door
FIRBRKPK Wood, Kozi all models, Fire Brick (Package of 5)
THRKT25 Wood, Kozi 25, Thermostat Kit, KOZI 25
DORGKT25 Wood, Kozi 25, Door Gasket
GRATE50 Wood, Kozi 50, Grate,
BKPLT25 Wood, Kozi 25, Back Kick Plate
BRKHOLDER Wood, Kozi 50, Top & Lower Brick Holder
KNOB Wood, Kozi all models, Plastic Knob,
MIS00007 Wood, K25 Fire Brick

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