KOZI Battery Backup System

KOZI Battery Backup System (BBS)

Power outages can occur at any time and when you least expect it. If your pellet stove is your primary source of heat in the winter, the last thing you need is a power outage. The KOZI BBS is designed to provide you with the electricity needed to operate your KOZI pellet stove in the event of a power outage.

When there is AC power available from the utility company, the KOZI BBS will provide power to the pellet stove, charge your battery and monitor your power line simultaneously. Once there is a loss of electricity, the KOZI BBS will automatically begin drawing the necessary power from the battery to operate the pellet stove. Once power has been fully restored, the KOZI BBS will stop drawing power from the battery and begin using power from the utility company. It will also begin monitoring the power line and start charging the battery for future use.

How the Battery Backup works!

Model Output Power Output Voltage Size H x W x L Weight Approval
BBS00006 600 WATTS 120 VAC / Pure Sine Wave 3.5" x 7" x 11" 6 lbs. CE
BBS00010 1000 WATTS 120 VAC / Pure Sine Wave 3.5" x 7" x 15" 9 lbs. CE

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